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№ 1137 Production or warehouse 18000 meters

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Date: 2019-02-25

Non-residential building in the Podolsk district
Facade 6-storey capital building with a total area of ​​18,000 meters
Building of frame type, supporting structures - columns, walls - brick and reinforced concrete panel, roofing is flat.
Overall dimensions of the building - 116 x 24 meters.
Height to ceiling on floors: 3.3 meters - 4.2 meters
2) At present, the areas are equipped with:
- offices 1500 meters
- production and warehouse - 6000 meters
- for general use - 1545 meters
- technical premises: 8025 meters (communications are laid on them)
- basement: 796 meters
Plot area 0.3 hectares. It is possible to add another 0.3 hectares due to parking inside and outside the building. ?
- electricity - potential power of two transformers - 2 MW (discussed separately)
- heating - from the gas boiler room on the territory,
- gas pipeline goes along the territory
- water supply: input pipe Ø 150 mm, pressure 0.4 MPa from the internal plant network.
- sewage system (three outlets Ø 100 mm with discharge into the factory sewer network, there is a possibility of discharge into the city sewer passing along the territory.
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