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Over the past 15 years, I have built a lot of real estate ... 

Redevelopment permissions are no longer needed.
Previously, for uncoordinated redevelopment could bring to administrative responsibility.
By Resolution No. 406, the Cabinet of Ministers changed the situation.

To comply with the terms of the sale of real estate and correctly form the starting price for the object can only be a professional.


One of the basic skills a real estate agent must possess is the ability to negotiate. And according to the laws of negotiation, it is considered that THANKS THAT WHO ISSUES THE QUESTION.


"Why do these realtors come from us? ..."

The concluded contract when working with a realtor gives advantages to the seller and buyer of real estate, - the expert is sure.
The head of the project "Sale of real estate: a partnership workshop" on his Facebook page talks about the work of a realtor, reinforced by an agreement with the customer-consumer services.

The chairman of the board of UKRAZBANK Kirill Shevchenko and the chairman of the board of the State Fund for the Promotion of Youth Housing Sergey Roomman signed the Memorandum on Cooperation in providing affordable housing for young Ukrainian families with compensation from the state.
In particular, young families in all regions of Ukraine can receive compensation from the state in the amount of 30% of the cost of housing.

2018 can be a success for those who want to buy an apartment in the White Church.

The main recommendations when signing a deposit agreement and a "prescription" solution if the contract was concluded on unfavorable terms

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine simplified the procedure for obtaining state compensation grants for the purchase of apartments under the "Affordable Housing" program for ATO participants and internally displaced persons, and also extended the state program to improve the living conditions of citizens, which account for 13.65 square meters of housing.

Certificates and other pieces of paper in the frames, all kinds of membership and awards, the number of employees and offices to the quality of services are indirectly related. Such competitive differences, shall we say, are superficial, and, most importantly, effective levers of influence on dishonest, unethical agents in the current real estate market of Ukraine. So how do you choose a good realtor?

Such a transaction as the sale of commercial real estate requires careful preparation. It is quite natural that both the seller and the buyer wish to make a profitable transaction. Tips for selling commercial real estate will help you to get the maximum benefit, to avoid possible risks.

In the conditions of the economic crisis, mortgages or installments are a few affordable ways for ordinary Ukrainians to purchase housing, as collecting the necessary amount of cash is extremely difficult.

Most consumers who have not yet faced the conclusion of such contracts are confident that both methods are, if not identical, very similar. In fact, each of them has its own specifics, which the buyer should familiarize with in order to understand whether a mortgage or installments suits him more.

Hundreds of frozen construction projects, hundreds of thousands of deceived investors ... So, the near future of Ukraine is seen by some experts in real estate.

The crisis in the real estate market of Ukraine has not yet receded. As before, the ball is ruled by buyers who have money, so they can look for a successful option for six months or a year. In such conditions, if sellers need to sell real estate urgently, they have to offer good discounts or "bonuses" to buyers. Therefore, in recent years, sellers and buyers are increasingly buying or selling used housing in installments. How this happens and how to avoid pitfalls, let's figure it out.

Purchase and sale a proparty at an undervalue: what's a stake and what are the consequences?

Since January, Ukrainians can not pay in cash for more than 50 thousand UAH per day. Next - how to get around this restriction.

The material is based on the article by Natalia Naumets

What actually happened on the real estate market in 2016, information about what is happening in the first quarter of 2017, as well as forecasts for the near future.

Acquisition of real estate is an excellent investment. No wonder such investments were tempts and will continue to entice businessmen for a long time. However, such a cash infusion involves serious risks. After all, instead of the promised building, you can get a "cat in a sack". How does the enterprise "not burn out" with the purchase of non-residential real estate? How will you be sure of the legal "cleanliness" of the property being sold? Finally, how to minimize all the risks when making a deal? Answers to these and not just the questions you are find here.

Nowadays, apartments and houses are bought for less than half of tenants for 100% of payment. The majority simply do not have such means to take and buy real estate. About a third is bought for money (cash and cashless settlement), another part - in a mortgage or a registered housing loan (but, as a result of the crisis, the credit market has slipped a little, and the terms of creditors have become worse).

Ukrainian entrepreneurs overestimated their property. Just a couple of years ago, they did not realize the depth of the crisis and waited for the situation in the country's economy to improve soon. And only in 2016 they began to understand how much their business really costs and give potential buyers good discounts.

Weak demand encourages developers to look for new unusual offers. Among them borrowed abroad - townhouses. How convenient and economical are they?

This is the only way to protect yourself from possible adverse consequences of buying and selling real estate.

Most landlords in Ukraine ignore the payment of tax on profits from the delivery of real estate. If the inspecting authorities become aware of the illegal delivery of housing to the tenants, you will be required to pay a fine.

Heirs according to the norms of the law or specified in the bequest can take the inheritance after the expiry of the terms of execution. For this you need to contact the notarial authority or court and justify your right to inheritance.

According to the most popular scheme, future residents are given apartments with "extra" square meters. And also developers in Ukraine are increasingly making in contracts with buyers of apartments additional points, according to which the latter are required to pay extra money in addition to those that have already contributed for housing.

Apartment sellers mistakenly hold back prices and as a result lose significant amounts. The results of February 2017

We have 5 major mistakes of the regional real estate developers, due to  their sales departments are empty.

Top 5 commercial real estate in Bila Tserkva (White Church). If you are considering the purchase of commercial real estate in the White Church, there are our offer acquainted with our suggestions.

Buying a restaurant can be a very exciting experience! But in this case you will have to think and to consider a lot of questions, so prepare yourself well.

In real estate, a common case is the inability of a professional estate agent to communicate with customers and sell. In this situation, the buyer loses because couldn't buy housing and real estate agent also.

The apartment can be put up for sale at 10%, 20% and even 50% higher than the actual market price. What caused it?

Today's real estate market exceeds the demand of sentences, usually, this phenomenon is called a buyer's market. How properly you react to the process of selling your property, choose how correct tactics and strategy, the success of the sale. We will share a few simple recommendations that will help you sell any kind of your property.

Rozetka.ua completed the acquisition of a logistics terminal Cyprus Secure Property Development & Investment in Brovary, Kyiv region

In this insidious trap of the real estate market get 97% of the apartment owners. How easy it to get around, and in less than a month to sell the apartment at a profit? We will tell you for sure how to recognize a serious buyer and on time to agree to the deal, thus protecting themselves from losing five to ten thousand dollars.

At what points you should pay attention to not be trapped when buying an apartment in a new building.

So, you found the right thing, and (lucky!) it is very cheap. Rather, call the seller?

The question of who and what pays the realtor has already become the talk of the town. For the Ukrainian real estate market has become a real problem.
In this article we analyze the main issues of the situation and ask our readers one question.

First relationship, then money is the first principle of the modern realtor.
We have become accustomed to hear the words of discontent in the Ukrainian realtors. And often this discontent is justified. Because often the real estate service we just imposed.

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