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The main problem of consumer is as follows: the Agent provides a service to the real estate to the seller and to pay for this service account to the buyer. In this case, the Buyer searches for and arranges viewings. When making the purchase and sale the Buyer should pay for the services of a realtor who in fact are in the organization view and legal support. The remuneration is 3-5% of project cost. At the same time for the purity of the transaction, the realtor is not liable.
The buyer, quite rightly, the question arises: and not a lot to pay for such a service? When I buy a product in the store, I don't pay a service consultant, but here I somehow have to pay a considerable amount.
With this problem the market and the real estate agent lives for many years. The problem persists and will not disappear by itself. No doubt, it must be addressed, otherwise we will never get the loyalty of consumers of real estate services. The only correct, in our view, the way out of this situation is to bring the methods of work of realtors to the civilized.
The agent sells the goods of the seller and should receive a reward from him. It seems to be logical. But there is a fair question: if the buyer need a realtor in rare cases, then whether it is the seller? Of course, in order to answer it we need to start to list specific services that the realtor provides the seller and ask YOU, dear sellers – are you ready to pay for it and how much?
Dear sellers! Realtors are ready to offer You the following services:
• To undertake a detailed examination of the Customer's site. To capture inspection data in the Observation sheet.
• To prepare for the Customer a report on the state of the real estate market in the segment. Provide graphs of the prices of similar properties. To provide the Customer with a list of competitive proposals, exhibited at the moment for sale.
• Together with the Customer to make check-out and inspection of bids for the purpose of studying their strengths and weaknesses, the willingness of owners to bargain and determine the competitiveness of the Customer's site. To make a fixation of the characteristics of competitive proposals to Observation sheets.
• Based on data Observation sheets to analyse competitive offerings, to highlight strengths and weaknesses of a Customer in comparison with competitors to determine price and positioning in the market.
• To advise customer of actions on pre-sale preparation of the Object to increase its competitiveness.
• To create a quality advertisement highlighting the strengths of the Object. To produce marketable photo shoot.
• To ensure maximum advertising in specialized printed and electronic mass media by own strength and means. With the Customer's consent and in the presence of technical possibility to hang an informational banner about the sale at the Facility.
• At the request of the Customer, provide a written report on submitted advertising.
• Arrange viewing of the apartment at convenient time for the Customer.
• Always be accompanied by seller during viewings to ensure the safety and well-reasoned reflection of the dumping of the potential buyer.
• During playback to provide potential buyers the shoes, which will protect the property from contamination.
• To work on search and selection of stakeholders in the acquisition of Object – database buyers Agency.
• Keep track of potential buyers and work with them after viewing, report the change in the cost, if seller will make a decision about the change of prices of sold real estate in connection with the market trends.
• Conduct preliminary negotiations with all potential Buyers and arrange viewings for the Object on their own and at their own expense.
• Monitor open-source is the object the other agents at a lower cost. To bring to clients the illegality of this operation and require removal of such advertising.
• Advise Customer on matters related to the sale of the Object.
• To defend the interests of the Customer and take measures to optimize its expenses in the sale of the Object.
• Organize the preparation of documents necessary for conclusion of the agreement of intent and the contract of purchase and sale of the Object (or prepare them on the basis of issued power of attorney the Customer).
• Arrange the signing of the agreement of intentions (preliminary agreement) and the agreement of purchase and sale of the Object.
• Maintain confidentiality and conditions of the agreement of intentions (preliminary agreement) and the agreement of purchase and sale of the Object.
Dear sellers!
Tell me, are these services you expect from realtors? How much would you pay for such services, despite the fact that your object will be offered to the buyer without a Commission.
The service you will offer, a realtor who has undergone training and obtained qualification certificate.
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