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History, when a salesperson misses your "ideal" buyer, hoping to find a more profitable option, is not very rare. The majority of owners who expect higher profit in the end to sell their apartments with the loss in price from 100 thousand and more, and, of course, dissatisfied with the committed transactions. Those owners, who consider the "hidden" laws of the market (whether on a whim or with the support of a professional agent), easy to distinguish the most "profitable" for buyers among all stakeholders, and immediately identify when a deal is to accept.

The owners argue like this. If the neighbor on the 9th floor of the said apartment sold for
45 000 $ , as you wanted, so need to sell expensive and then the repair is better, and laminate flooring instead of linoleum, and new tile in the bathroom. It is logical that this apartment costs around 48000 dollars. And buyers will haggle, so we have to add 2000 to the auction. The Agency used about the same. Total 52000 dollars. And with such a price, the seller enters the market.

Now let's try to understand how this moment reflects a buyer. The law of the market is such that first the new objects that appeared on the market, react to the so-called "real buyers", i.e. those who are at the stage of maximum readiness to deal. They have already identified sources of financing the purchase, reviewed all the objects available on the market, and know how these objects look in reality and not in the photo. Personally, after talking with the sellers or their agents, the real buyers are already precisely calculated the value of trades and the amount for which the current owner is willing to sell their property. They compared the characteristics, configuration, area, location, layout, condition of finish, the prices of all objects on the market and ready to take the final decision.
Now the seller understands that to sell the apartment for the price that it is imagined, will fail and that the first proposal was the best, and it will get worse and worse. Many owners begin to seriously worry about, especially since the reasons for this are: pressured circumstances, urgent need of money, someone already put down a Deposit on another apartment and is now afraid to lose money and miss out on any alternative. And if the owner will return again to the first buyers, or learns that the apartment they had found, or faced with the fact that now he will offer lower amount. The buyer can be sure that if the seller calls him on his own, then have it no longer. And if so, then you and your conditions dictate.

Remember, only the "rules of the game" of the real estate market guarantees you the best deal.
Sincerely, Ruslan Herasymenko, "Blagov real estate".
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