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Ask for help

If you decide to sell and they do it for the first time, it is better to contact a qualified realtor (or in any case at least consult with them, and then make a decision). To help brokers, casual acquaintances and even relatives should not use their mediation can be disinterested. In addition, you do not have to engage in self-promotion of its object (the search advertising channels and placing ads to attract potential buyers). Experts will also help you in processing the transaction.

With the facilitator needs to be contracted, which clearly specified the rights and obligations of the parties, the fee for mediation and advertising channels used for the sale of real estate. Carefully examine the contracts, if in doubt, consult an independent lawyer before the final signing. The price of your property is also determined along with a realtor because of the Agency have statistics on the demand for real estate and have the opportunity to compare specific proposals.

Sometimes upon termination of the contract with the Agency with which you do not like to cooperate, you will have to pay a penalty (specify its size before signing the contract).If the Agency specifies the maximum percentage, consider the services of another realtor or bargain with the Agency on more favourable terms.


Pre-sale preparation

Potential buyers will form an opinion not only about your property but about the house, porch and yard. Landscape the yard, perhaps, you can not, and this is not your problem. But ensuring cleanliness and sufficient lighting on the staircase — it's quite capable.

If it is a private house or mansion, then you need to work hard and put everything in order. The yard, landscape, flower beds, lawns, decorative finishes, the interior design, cleanliness, maintenance of all the utilities, etc..

If the object is in poor condition then experienced realtors suggest before a show if needed to make minor repairs. Plumbing shall be in working order, Windows and doors — do not hang on hinges and have working locks. But, of course, make excellent repair in the apartment does not make sense — the money spent as a whole never returned. It is much wiser to do a little redecorating to the apartment looked clean and cozy.

Remove from stuff at home, but if possible, and some of the furniture is light and clean spaces that are not cluttered things seem more spacious.Even if you almost completely cleared the apartment and the furniture, leave it on the window curtains — with them, the room looks cozier. It is desirable that the curtains and the Wallpaper was bright. Add vivid and memorable accent to the interior: put a vase with flowers, choose bright pillows for the sofa and armchairs. Worn carpets with floor better to clean up, but if the flooring looks bad — put it cheap temporary coating.


Make a schedule of visits

If you decide have used the services of real estate, then speak with a representative schedule in advance shows the apartment to potential buyers. Most often, they are produced on demand buyers, so check the item in advance, so you are not bothered at any time of the day or night. But the efficiency here is also important, so buyers can be urgent, and there may be a meeting scheduled in the not graphics, it is also necessary to take into account.


Install adequate market value

Of course, each product has its own merchant, but too to inflate the cost of housing is not worth it. In the oversaturated market, the price is better to put adequate sentences very much, and overvalued options will lose in comparison with the others. A potential buyer, selecting options, focus on the minimum (or even average) prices. Naturally it is necessary to lay in the price +the sum for bargaining.

As far as your offer is attractive, it will be clear within the first few weeks after bringing it to market. If you are convinced that your object is not too interested buyers, you may want to slightly lower the price. Then your property will gain a competitive advantage in its segment.


Fix the arrangement with the buyer

You have a buyer and you agreed with him about the deal, take a Deposit and lock arrangement on paper. It is also important to stipulate a penalty in case one of the parties kill the deal.

If the buyer offers to buy an apartment in installments, such option is possible in the case that you initially had problems with the apartment (she was very popular) and you urgently don't need the money. In any case, the sale in installments does not make the property to the buyer until the last installment is paid.

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