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How to explain to realtors the work with buyers? All realtor's not selling  solely for the reason that the agent considers himself a professional, but besides him, no one does not think so! Sometimes I think that the majority of realtors are working without regaining consciousness. They hear the letters in the buyer's request, and  not interested in their buyers  at all.

Here is an example. Agent's client  inquired: studio on DNS area in the panel house, not small and up to 18 thousand with registration. Unreal request, according to the realtor. What did the agent with "unrealistic" client? What you do with them,that's right  - to "ignore" him. A month passed. This client called to me yesterday, he asks me to help check the apartment, which he buys with another agency. As a result  this customer bought a one-bedroomapartment  in a five-storey old house in a completely different area. Cool, yeah? So tell me, gentlemen realtors out of the world of "unreal" customers - what is the problem?
The training  for you right now to work with buyers. Go! When you have such unrealistic client, ask yourself: "What I'm unreal agent?"
Next. When you have a client, ask yourself the question: "Is he going to live with these its 18th thousand?"
Next. Ask yourself, "What is the pain of my client, he has nowhere to live? He had just beneficial to dispose of the money? He had to change their place of residence. What his problem?  What it is limited and why????? Area, meters, money?"
More. Ask yourself the question: "Till what time am I going to still be afraid to said to customers what they can buy with this money, and what they can't? Maybe, finally, I will not be afraid to talk to your customers? Maybe I'll start finally understand the database and start instead writing emails  with customers to establish partnerships with each of my city real estate agency to help my client find and buy with my help in another agency. Is it not the best option? When I finally stop give up and cease to run away at the first failure of my customers?
Yes, you need to stop afraid to work! It will never work such that you advertised on your site, the only one ad, you called one man, went and looked you one apartment, and bought it.
Talk with people, learn all their points of pain, the names of their cats and family composition, work! We do not work with the real estate, but with people! Then these people will consult with you and discuss with you their problems and trust you their decision. After all, thanks to the work with realtors client realized that the money he have he can't buy a dream in the form of a studio in a panel house on DNS area, but a reality in the form of a one-bedroom in a five-storey building in another area. That is the work of a pro. For such a great quality work you have to be the one, who is not having an "unrealistic" customers.

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