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The biggest mistake developers experts named the absence of calculation of market volume. Developers  are don't bother themself in-depth analysis of the market situation and miscalculations prior to construction. There is a probability of repetition of negative experiences Khmelnitsky, where developers have built a huge number of homes that are unoccupied for a couple of years.
The second mistake of developers, -  the price dumping at the expense of the quality of construction. Many developers in the pursuit of customers began to lower prices, thus significantly reducing the quality of construction and reducing packaging flats to a minimum. Unfortunately, most of the buyers of the city, with a limited budget to buy an apartment, do not think about quality. However, they don't understand that to invest in the repair and insulation of housing in the end they will have almost half the price.
The third mistake - is the pursuit of large apartments. What is acceptable and it is important for Kiev is absolutely not acceptable for us. Possible one-room 48 sq.m. the total area of ​​the apartment is good for the capital, and we have become accustomed to 36m2 standard. People are not willing to pay more for what they considered to be superfluous.
The fourth mistake on construction projects in the areas close proximity of producing companies or over the main transport streams. Buyers primarily choose a quiet, closed neighborhoods with the equipped infrastructure away from busy roads and urban bustle.
The fifth mistake of our developers partly explains all of these blunders: Developers have remained at the level of development 2004-2008g, they believe that you can sell everything you need to build as much as possible, as there is land. This is absolutely not think about the concept of the project and its prospects for the service. Bright signs, hype and expensive sales offices furnished no substitute for the quality of the project and do not make life better investors. The future by protected, gated complex with a developed infrastructure in the complexes. In 2017-2020 years, buyers of apartments will choose heat-furnished house with parking place, not a parking lot near the house.

The advantage will be given to projects that provide:
-a compact layout of the flats
-repair of "shell and core"
-close social status neighbors

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