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For many Ukrainians buying an apartment is still an inaccessible dream. Blame for all the depreciated hryvnia salaries of Ukrainians. Therefore, people either wait for the fall in property prices, although the market is already at the bottom, or borrow money from friends and colleagues to buy the coveted "meters." But if these options do not work, then the parties can agree on the sale of real estate in installments. Sometimes installments are issued at a percentage. True, one can not call the sale of secondary apartments by installments a mass trend, since the owners prefer to sell the apartment in this way to friends or lend small amounts to buyers. The situation at the client: "Friends moved to the US, and they had to urgently sell a trash. They knew that we plan to buy the same apartment, but they collected money. Therefore, we agreed that $ 20 thousand will be paid immediately, and another $ 10 thousand - in installments for 5 years. For half a year from the date of the transaction, $ 1,000 was already paid. " And another client in installments bought a two-piece, because she did not have enough for the transaction $ 5000: "I wanted to buy a house with a repair for Yaroslav the Wise. I found what I was looking for, but I did not have enough money. Then I agreed with the sellers that I would pay off for two years: at $ 200-250 per month. Every month they give me a receipt that they took the money. " Contract installments of the party draw up from the notary in parallel with the transaction of sale. This is an optimal scheme, although it can not guarantee the parties' honesty. Therefore, if the debtor, for example, does not pay the debt, you need to be ready to solve the problem in court, and this can drag on for a long time. Installment would have received even wider practice if the risks could be insured.

Contact the specialists for security of the transaction

To avoid problems, analysts recommend seeking help from specialized real estate companies, where there is a legal department, so that terms of installments can be issued safely. In addition, a loan agreement is concluded, according to which the buyer takes the missing amount from the seller. In case of non-return, ownership of the apartment is returned to the lender, that is, the seller. Also, the notary is obliged to insure the loan agreement for any actions with the apartment, which is withdrawn at full calculation. This means that the buyer will not be able to sell or give an apartment. We believe that installment is still one of the few options to buy real estate, because banks issue mortgages inactive, because they carefully study the solvency of customers, and they, in turn, are often very problematic to document their income documentarily.

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