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Adequate appraisal of real estate
To conduct an independent assessment of property it is necessary to study the basic parameters of this non-residential property:
• Location;
• Specifications;
• Functional purpose;
• Type of building;
• Market conjuncture.
The cost of a commercial object should not be artificially and unjustifiably overstated, because the buyer of such objects always monitors the market and is well-oriented at the average market price. Overstatement will lead to the fact that the premises will be very long "hanging" in the section "For Sale".

Submission of the object
Only the seller depends on how the buyer sees the object when viewing. It will be a littered, dirty room where it's even unpleasant to be, or a clean commercial object with the right pitch.

Interested Buyer
Proper marketing is an important part of a successful transaction. In a solid agency, this is the responsibility of the entire marketing department. But if it is decided to look for a buyer on their own, then it is necessary to make an announcement that will interest the buyers. It is necessary to describe in detail the commercial object, to provide many photos of the premises and adjacent territory, to determine what additional improvements are possible at the site.

It is necessary to put all the documentation in order. Any shortcomings can jeopardize the entire transaction. The buyer invests a lot of money in the facility and always wants to be confident in the investment. And since no one pays attention to such words on their word of honor, the documentation is a necessary guarantee. For example, a potential buyer may be deterred by the lack of ownership of a commercial premise, unauthorized alterations, and so on.

Legal registration
It is necessary to detail in the contract of purchase and sale the cost, period and procedure for payment. In addition, it is discussed in advance and indicates who will pay the attendant upcoming costs.

Real estate agency specialists are always ready to look for or sell your commercial real estate, thereby saving you from exhausting procedures and legal nuances.

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