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As well as choosing a provider of any services, from medical and lawyer to hairdressing and repair:

  • according to your own feelings, at the level of "like - I do not like him", and literally in the first three to five minutes of communication with the agent;
  • on the recommendations and feedback of those people whose opinion you trust.

If you made a mistake on these two main features, then you will have a chance to learn from your bitter experience.
I will note two nuances:
• The agent of the realtor service, which you liked and whom you hired (that is, promised to pay money and signed the contract) to assist in resolving your issue in the real estate market, should justify your exclusive trust from the first minutes of cooperation until the transaction is completed. Correctly rendered service is when you part with a large amount of commissions without regret, with gratitude to this professional, write him a tip and start recommending it to your friends. If you do, you will contact again to this person, no matter how many years passed, and under whatever brand he worked. Professional real estate service is very personalized. Its true essence is private entrepreneurship.
• The motives and needs of each client are individual, they can be very different. Accordingly, one important that he was not bothered once more, he is ready even to give the keys to the apartment to a realtor and wait for an invitation to the notary to sign the contract of sale. The second will not fall asleep if the realtor did not call him in the evening and did not report on the work done today. Do not forget also that the services for buying and selling real estate differ from each other at the root, many experienced realtors have already begun to specialize in this.
Therefore, find out the details from enthusiasts who recommended that you contact this address. In addition, do not hesitate in detail to formulate your needs, ask uncomfortable questions to the agent, specify what exactly he will do to satisfy your need in the real estate market.
And then take a pause and think: maybe you think that you yourself will do it all, maybe there is no sense in paying commissions that you, even after the explanations, seem unjustifiably large? Maybe your experience is enough to not burden anyone with your problems? Then thank the realtor, take his business card and leave. He could not sell you his service. Start to buy or sell on your own, without a realtor. See for yourself what will come of it. Maybe you will like it, and you will change the profession .
A good realtor is one that you liked so much before starting to meet your need in the real estate market, and so convincingly demonstrated the advantages of working with it that you do not want to look for anyone else. Because you realized that you yourself will make this complex set of works worse than him, that you will lose more.
The system of exclusive work of a realtor with the owner on the basis of transparent, agreed upon signing a service agreement commissions implies the cooperation of the entire realtor community for the sale of a prepared and correctly positioned on the market facility. In this case, the buyer does not pay any commission to realtors, since they are already included in the final price of the object, which he sees in advertising. This millennial logic of sales due to various reasons is practically not observed today in the post-Soviet space. What, in my opinion, led to a catastrophic drop in the image of such an important and responsible service as realtor. Right now, in a crisis, when the most demanded services for the sale of real estate, there is a chance to revive the trust and respect for this profession, which is considered the vanguard of private enterprise due to the volume, complexity and significance of the object of sale.
So: a good realtor has experience working with similar objects, he knows all the analogues and can professionally evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your real estate. A sure sign of an unsure agent if he is not honest with you, and does not tell you what you would like to hear. You do not need such an agent! A professional realtor gives you recommendations on the pre-sale preparation of the facility, on security, on communicating with direct buyers and other agents (whose task is to bring down the price of the property). He owns marketing and advertising, the fundamentals of jurisprudence, financing of transactions and taxation, or at least recommends you a proven expert on these issues. He is able to work correctly with objections and emotions of buyers (this skill in any sphere of trade is worked out for years, and in real estate sales, even more so). A lot of other things should be able to do that carrier of exclusive real estate service (it does not matter whether it is an individual entrepreneur or a large agency with a lot of branches). Persistently look for such a professional, it is very important, after all, it is his efforts that will lead to the sale of your property at the highest possible price on the market.
If you are lucky, and you will find such a realtor, then this issue of his commission will not arise. I assure you - after the transaction, you will be happy to pay the commission fees they named, because you will be sure - you have won from cooperation with him. Today, real estate bargaining can reach 10 and 15%, sometimes, for some segments of the land market and private houses - much more. The percent (usually 5-6%) called professional realtors is paled in comparison with the money that you can lose in case of inadequate actions and inept bidding. Good few specialists are always in demand, especially in difficult times for the market. A real estate agent will not, work at random, with an unmotivated client. He will never agree to such a statement of the problem: "You try, and then we'll see." He will politely give you his business card and sincerely wish good luck. Because he knows that you will return to him! And do not regret it!
From materials kindly provided, Artur Pavlovich Oganesyan.

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