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In 2017, the market of warehouse real estate confirmed a tendency to increase, which began at the end of 2016 As reported in the company CBRE Ukraine, the basis of the driving force was the overall recovery of demand from the retail and logistics markets, centralization (moving players from regions to the capital) , improvement of terms of lease in the form of high-quality premises, which contributed to an increase in the volume of gross absorption and reduction of vacancy. In general, business remained optimistic about the revival of business activity in the segment during the year.



The annual volume of gross absorption (including sales for own use) amounted to approximately 120,000 sq. m (+ 9% g / g). In the structure of gross absorption dominated by large retailers. Thus, their share in the structure reached 57%. Transport operators have taken the second place in the market, and their share is 31%.



Growth in demand for tenants was observed mainly in facilities controlled by logistics operators. In particular, in 2017 a group of logistics companies ZAMMLER expanded its leased warehouse space by 12,500 sq. m, in connection with the cooperation with new clients. Significant agreement in the warehouse segment of logistics operators was the lease METRO C & C 14 000 sq. Km. m in the warehouse complex FM Logistic in the first half of 2017. In the rental segment, the trend to expand existing areas also became more apparent. The share of gross take-up mainly consisted of crossings, therefore expansion agreements amounted to about 48,000 square meters. In total, logistic operators with a share of 76% dominated the structure of these transactions. Also, among the lease agreements, it is necessary to note the expansion of the national logistics operator "NP Logistik", which additionally leased 8,600 square meters. m in the warehouse complex Omega II, and logistic operators Kuehne + Nagel and Rhenus leased 5,000 square meters. m each in the warehouse complexes FIM Service and West Gate Logistics, respectively.

Among the largest logistics operators that dominate the sector in terms of leased space and available property, five companies can be distinguished, which consists mainly of international companies and one Ukrainian company.

Natalia Sokirko, Head of the Department of Warehousing and Logistics Real Estate CBRE Ukraine, said: "This trend was historically formed, just when logistic operators began to enter Ukraine. International customers who have been corporate-related with these companies have become end-users of their services. This is due to the fact that the main factor for international companies was the so-called logistics outsourcing. "

In the structure of the total area of ​​ are own areas of logistics operators, which went to the rental market, and leased to end users, respectively. Thus, the Ukrainian logistics operator ZAMMLER (a local company with representative offices in Poland and China) is the leader in the area of ​​the area leased by the company and on which logistics operations are carried out. Natalia Sokirko notes that this is an indicator of the change and reformatting of the market of logistic services in the direction of local providers.



During the crisis, more and more logistics operators began to develop a service outsourcing their staff in the warehouses customer. If we consider the structure of the area that is formed from the area owned and leased by the logistics operators and the areas where customer service is carried out on its own warehouse, then this indicator is greater than the actual area that the logistics operator rents or owns .

Traditionally, logistic companies in Ukraine are present mainly in Kiev and occupy large areas, but in the regions this trend is represented by much lower indicators of both the area and the diversity of the companies themselves. This is primarily due to the weaker development of regional markets.


It should be noted that Ukrainian logistics companies have been actively developing in recent years. Natalia Sokirko commented: "It should be noted that during the crisis of 2015-2016, local operators gradually regained their market share. Ukrainian companies that can be distinguished at this moment are Business Group, ZAMMLER, Logistic Plus, UVK and NP Logistik. However, in the main, it is the local logistics providers that have issues of coordination both within the company and with customers.



For example, Ukrainian companies are already looking at new directions for development, demonstrating readiness to invest in projects and formats. One of the advantages of a local logistics company is the ability to quickly make decisions on the spot. Among such representatives of domestic providers, it is possible to note a group of logistic companies ZAMMLER, which at the moment provides stably good service and rapidly increases the volume of leased space. With regard to international logistics operators, their key characteristics are high standards of corporate culture, procedural and service quality.

For example, even during the crisis, the international provider FM Logistic has continued to build warehouses and now, the vacancy in the warehouse complexes that are owned by the provider is zero. "



However, the retail sector still remains the primary stimulus for demand for warehouses in the market. For example, after significant expansion of its rental space in the logistics complex East Gate Logistic in 2016, the retailer Auchan leased an additional 3,000 square meters. m at the warehouse center UKR DC. Tenants of the industrial sector also showed increased interest in warehouse facilities. Malbi, known as Millennium Chocolate Producer, is located in the Dnieper, leased about 6,000 sq. M in the ICT warehouse. Another major lease agreement in the industrial sector was completed by SMK (5,000 sq. M.), Which moved to the Bucha Terminal logistics complex.

Natalia Sokirko, adds that in recent years there was a tendency, when the main users of logistic operators were the companies of the sector FMCG, their share has decreased somewhat today. At the moment, it is possible to identify several sectors that dominate the segment, namely home appliances, fashion retailers and retailers of the health and beauty sector. Also, in recent years, the active development of the e-commerce sector has been recorded.

If the situation in the market remains stable, there are prerequisites for the development of construction of warehouse space under the scheme built-to-suit, and also, we can say that next year there is the possibility of returning to the dollar market.

Regarding the situation, which should be expected in the market in 2018, Natalia adds: "If the situation on the market remains stable, there are prerequisites for the development of construction of warehouse space under the scheme built-to-suit, and also, we can say that next year there is the possibility of returning to the dollar market. We should not forget about the potential expansion of the field of foreign companies in the market, because now, such companies as IKEA and H & M have announced their entry into the market. In our opinion, Ukraine has a great potential for the development of the logistics sector. For the growth of this segment of the real estate market it is precisely the stability of the economy, while places under the sun will be enough for everyone. "


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