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When to contact only the agent?

To comply with the terms of the sale of real estate and correctly form the starting price for the object can only be a professional.
1. Moving the family to another city.
2. Buying another apartment / house due to the increase in family.
3. Traveling with parents, with whom they lived in the same house.
4. The departure of the spouses after the dissolution of the marriage.
5. Buying a property in the real estate market that you do not know.
6. Sale of an unnecessary asset in the old housing stock with the aim of profitable investment in residential or commercial projects.
7. Sale of your property lasts more than a year.
Reason one. What is important?
A. Observe the terms of sale and avoid mistakes in the formation of the starting price for the object. In other words, the forced discharge of the object in a fever.
B. Avoid additional costs (for flights / arrivals, possibly repeated) in case your property is not sold by the required date.
The professional knows how to form the starting price correctly and will tell the terms of the sale.
The second reason. What is important?
A. Find an equivalent object for the given parameters, which will not have hidden defects, legal or investment risks. At stake is the well-being of the family and the healthy nervous system of the whole family.
B. To sell your property profitably in the optimum time, until an equivalent object with difficulty found it “out of the market”. Do not lose the deposit made and not get a steady insomnia.
A professional will help you to understand what an "equivalent" object means and how to eliminate the risks when buying a property.
The third reason. What is important?
A. Find two objects that will correspond to the wishes of each family member (from 4 adults) in accordance with the budget, which is often lower than the total cost of the purchased objects.
B. Sell the object in the optimal time, not below the planned budget. This means, at the start, to prevent mistakes in the starting price for an object and correctly form a sales-purchase budget, taking into account all taxes, duties, and other unforeseen expenses.
With a professional, costs are always foreseen, the sales-purchase budget is realistic.
Reason Four. What is important?
A. Get rid of the illusion that the formula “to sell one large two-bedroom two-level one and still buy two two-bedroom apartments in the center is still working on the market, because we are used to ...”. How to make the participants of the separation were satisfied in the housing plan, tell a professional.
B. Obtain the permission of the board of trustees in a timely manner, and find an object that, according to actual parameters, will correspond to the one in which your children lived before the departure.
The professional has experience in solving problems with many unknowns in the family, where it is very difficult to achieve understanding, due to the unstable emotional, often unfriendly, tone of family relationships.
Reason number five. What is important?
A. Do not buy "a cat in a bag." Information on real estate sites does not always reflect the true picture of the market.
B. Do not get stuck in a fairly time-consuming process (like a circle): remotely found an object on the site => agreed to view => arrived => no object / realtor / seller / documents.
A professional knows the local market, its specifics and will help the buyer to avoid acquiring an illiquid object.
The occasion of the sixth. What is important?
A. Correctly evaluate the object at the start and create sufficient customer demand, which is much more difficult to do on the object of the old housing stock (new buildings are “advancing”).
Professionals know how to do it.
B. Get the advice of a professional who orients on a really profitable and liquid investment with minimal risks.
The professional has relevant insider information in the interests of his client.
The seventh reason. What is important?
A. Find a professional. Meet with him. Listen to his resume after analyzing the situation. Get rid of their losing mental attitudes, "I do not care who will sell," "Let the whole market sells," "I do not sign the contract with anyone," "I do not want to limit myself," etc.
B. Do not interfere with a professional at work and comply with his recommendations!
A professional and you, in fact, have the same goals - to get the most favorable result from cooperation.
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